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Battlefield YouTubers!

PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2017 12:03 pm
by Boat-
Hey everyone,

Just thought i would provide a few links to some battlefield YouTuber's that put out some really good videos. These are the 4 that I Subscribe to, there are a few others, but i think these 4 are the best. I would say Westie is becoming my favorite with the best Battlefield videos, because he puts out a lot of weekly videos. And he seems to be up to date on new news, patches, DLC, etc)

Battle(non)sense (Does mostly analytical videos, really good videos on Netcode changes, CTE, DLC, etc) ... -stL-pNFrw

Westie (Puts out a lot of videos on Battlefield 1, CTE, DLC, future info, etc... uploads about 3-4 videos a week!) ... gUCyvjawKg

LevelCapGaming (Does some Battlefield videos, CTE, DLC. Splits his time between Battlefield and now Battlegrounds) ... V4dwHxY0Mg

JackFrags (Does some Battlefield videos, CTE, DLC, etc.) ... v2yB5LQoYA