Huh, got an email I think from Bungie...

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Huh, got an email I think from Bungie...

Postby NealyPlum » Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:34 pm

Hey Y'all,
I got an invitation to do a survey for Harris Interactive Gaming today, and they mentioned that their client was looking for feed back... After googling the shit out of them, I determined it was legit and did the survey. It asked about maybe 20 games, with two of them being Destiny, and Destiny 2.
90 percent of the survey was about Destiny. How much did u play both, why. Have you reached end game, are you satisfied with endgame.

A good chuck was my feelings on Micro Transactions, and how I felt they impacted the game and how they were implemented. Also a big focus on what "would encourage me to buy season passes", and what "would influence me to return to Destiny 2".

All in all it was a well thought out survey, and I am really hoping that it has some positive impact. If you get an email from these guys, consider giving it a shot.
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